Friday, January 4, 2008

Artist trees, bunny facial hair, & a dragonfly motorcycle

Bearded Bunny Art Blog's Top Ten Posts of 2007

In late 2007 I began the Bearded Bunny Art Blog. Since October I have written 30 plus blogs about airbrushing, artists, music, and my own artwork. Honorable mention is the Bob Dylan Bearded Bunny. I went through all of my blogs and picked out the ten best. Read on...

10. Politics of Plants

This art show was held at a local coffee shop called Munkabeans. For the show, myself and Matt Semke ( collaborated by each painting three large canvases in the theme of the "politics of plants". This blog featured my three paintings. Some of my favorite paintings of 2007.

9. Cloud Cult

I was lucky enough to go see Cloud Cult live in Minneapolis. The best show I saw in 2007, followed closely behind was Modest Mouse (and man-man). This blog featured all the reasons Cloud Cult should be your new favorite band. There are so many reasons, you need to read the blog yourself.

8. Free Printable Mazes

As a little kid I grew up drawing mazes. I have always been in love with mazes, labyrinths, puzzles, hidden trap doors, secret entrances, etc. I went on a search for databases of free printable mazes and these were the best I found.

7. Creature Illustrations

My creature illustrations have made their way across myspace, across the USPS and found a home in blog form on my page. I only posted four samples with links to my personal page for more. They were a part of a series of illustrations featuring some fantasy inspired creatures. Check out the Octopus Kitty Angel, its a crowd favorite.

6. Trees that Draw

I stumbled on a few jawdropping artists a while ago. The kind of work that you think to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" Getting trees to draw....brilliant. This was one of my favorite posts of the year, plus it has a number of excellent pictures to look at.


Ahhh. My ongoing devious response to Corporate America. Using their dime to mail mass advertising companies my own junk mail. It is my way of not letting the corporations get away with bugging me with paper advertisments all the time.

4. Park Garbage Ratings

One of my favorite series of blogs. The Park Garbage Ratings are my girlfriend and my way of cleaning up the parks in Minnesota. We go visit the park, pick up any garbage we see, and hide some art along the way. A very positive and constructive experience. I can't wait for Spring to continue the cleaning.

3. Erotic Art Interview

This blog got me kicked off a couple blog listings and rejected from a few others. I just really enjoyed researching this sub-culture of internet erotic art. It is a great interview about a very interesting topic. Not work friendly though, sorry.

2. Dragon Fly Motorcycle

The Dragon Fly Motorcycle! This blog featured the process of creating a custom paint job. Turning a Ninja sportsbike into a color changing dragonfly. The final project is finally done, see the dragonfly bike here. I am in the process of creating a walk through for the entire project.

1. How to become an Airbrush Artist

The number one post of the year. I got a good deal of artists asking me questions about airbrushing. I figured I would post a blog covering basically what I been telling those individuals. Since there is not a lot of information on becomming an airbrush artist it has been a helpful tool. I plan to do more airbrushing related posts in 2008.

Happy New Years to all. Thanks for reading my blog.

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2007 was a good year!

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