Monday, November 19, 2007

Cats Will Eat You (.com)

New Art Every Day
Artist Matt Semke ( seen above with Panda mask on, has created an impressive online portfolio for his work. Since December 2006 he has posted new content to his website every single day. Posts include pen drawings, paintings, graphic design, photos, videos, animations and walk through videos.

New Works
Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota Semke is a very prolific artist who is worth watch on a day to day basis. Some of his most impressive works include the blue heron project, and his free art hunts. Currently, he is posting works that are on display at the Acoustic Cafe in Winona, Minnesota. The works include semi cartoony office characters paying with or interacting with job related object.

Live Model Drawings
Matt Semke also has a strong focus in figure work, as seen below, and is involved in (on average) two life drawings sessions per week. Check out his website and explore the mass amounts of content, return back and see his newest works, added daily!

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