Monday, November 19, 2007

Free printable mazes from 6 great websites!

First off all, you can get mazes from ME (william hessian)! click over to see my free printable mazes and pick your favorites, like my splatter maze:

Day 160
I am friends with Warren Stokes who owns On linked in I saw his post to the Maze A Day blog. These are incredible mazes. You should check them out. Plus a new one each day!

Some of the most difficult mazes I have attempted in a while. Very expertly crafted for diffiulty, and extremely well designed. I am a big fan of this type of very engrossing mazes. See more at:
Astrolog Maze's

Weekly Mazes by Emma. The great thing about Emma's mazes is their simplicity and the hand drawn quality. Not to mention the fact that she adds a new one nearly every week. A really cool resource for mazes.

Team of Monkeys

Team of Monkeys has a great variety of really cool printable mazes for you to complete. I really like the originality of these mazes. Exceptional stuff.


Janvi said...

This is really an informative blog. Thanks for sharing with us. Play School in delhi

Peg said...

Truly AMAZING! (pun fully intended, but so true!) I added a link and one of your amazing mazes to my Squidoo article Free Printable Mazes. Thanks for sharing your hard work!!

William Hessian said...

Peg, thank you for sharing one of my mazes in your squidoo article! Making mazes is one of my favorite things.

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