Monday, November 19, 2007

Westwood Hills Nature Center (picture blog)

Park Garbage Ratings: Kelsey and myself have recently begun the PGR ratings. We rate parks by how much garbage we find during our visit. We plan to visit a number of parks in the midwest. Any garbage we find: we pick up, document and recycle. Then we post a photo blog about the specific parks we visit. Today, we visited the Westwood Nature Center, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota (our hometown).

Enjoy and please see our other PGR ratings here

Park: Westwood Hills Nature Center

Description: Both Kelsey and myself had been to this nature center over ten times in our childhood through the SLP school systems filed trips. The nature center has amazing wooded trails and even some floating dock trails. The paths lead around a very clean and animal filled lake. The staff was working overtime because it was a beautiful day outside, and they were planning a childrens Halloween party for later that night. So the beginning of our visit we checked out all the nature/halloween oriented games they were setting up.

Location: St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Date: Saturday, October 20th 2007
Time at Park: one hour
Treasures found: none

Treasures Left: 1

We did not find any treasures on our hike but we did hide one. One of my bearded bunny prints can be found in the image above. We searched all the trails of the nature center to find a spot that would keep the hidden art from the dangers of nature. Also see the close up below.

A fitting spot indeed.

Garbage Per Hour (GPH): 2

The nature center was incredibly clean. It was very hard to even find the two pieces of garbage that we did find, one was hidden in a stump and the other under leaves. The Westwood Nature Center should be commended for its incredible cleanliness. We also were very impressed with the clear water in the lake.

Westwood Hills Nature Center GPH: 2 (the best so far)

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