Friday, November 30, 2007

Dragon Fly Motorcycle- PART 2

Insect Update
A few days ago I posted a conception sketch for the dragon fly ninja motorcycle. Today I want to make an update post on how the dragonfly bike is coming along.

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Illusion Blush Pearl
After showing off our conception sketch to our customer, we talked colors. This sea foam illusion color, which changes from green to bronze was the insect color of choice. We did a test mock tank, as you can see at the top of this post. We also ran a number of candies and illusion pearls in the wings to give them a transparent yet morphing quality. It is hard to explain with only one photo, but the colors of the wings change in each section from one color to another. The mock tank is only 15", which will mean the wings end result on our bike will be approximately three times as large.

Segments on the Body
Once the base coat was applied, I went ahead and airbrushed the dark segments breaking up the front fender, back fender and tank as you can see below. Keep in mind, all work here is uncleared and therefore not nearly as shiny and impressive as it will be once final cleared & buffed out.

Next step
Over lunch today, we gave our customer the mock tank and he approved our wing desing. Now we are cutting our designs for the ferrings, and will begin to layout the wing design to be shot on Monday. The other parts of the bike are sanded and ready for final clear.

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