Friday, December 28, 2007

New Butterfly Bunny Artwork

Butterfly Bearded Bunny

As my miniature artwork series grows, I am trying to come up with brand new and different concepts to explore. The butterfly and the bearded bunny seemed to be a good unique combination. The colors were chosen by a stickam fan, who was watching as I drew this bunny live on webcam. The webcam concept kind of died out quickly as not many people tuned in to provide visual imput to the bearded bunny project. The butterfly bunny was one of the few successes of my webcam attempt.

Bearded Bunnies

My Bearded Bunny Ball series continues to grow. As I create new bunnies, they will appear here on my blog. The poster will continue to be upgraded as well. All of my bearded bunnies are run in prints of 10, hand numbered and signed by me, the artist, William Hessian. Each print is then framed and sold for $5. If interested
Bearded Bunnies for sale
. Use code word: butterfly when ordering to receive the brand new Butterfly bunny.

Buy Bearded Bunnies here and also see similar blogs Christmas Bearded Bunnies and Bob Dylan Bearded Bunny

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