Tuesday, July 13, 2010

comic 100

comic #100 of 100

my run of comics has come to an end. All 100">100 comics have been drawn, uploaded and shared on my blog. The enitre series took me a year to complete. I remember shopping in the East Side Co-Op in Northeast Minneapolis and stumbling on a collection of comics by Eric Lappegard left at the newspaper stands. I took it home and loved it. So much in fact that I decided to make my own. One year later I have 100 comics, and I am ready to be inspired by the next thing.

If you want to read the series starting from the beginning start with one of my jobs. As I mentioned previously, eventually my entire series will be ported to my art website, William Hessian dot com.

Thanks to those the appeared in my comics, left comments, encouraged me to continue, and simply support my art. Next adventure: moving from the Midwest to Maine

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A sad day ... I really enjoyed the comics!

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