Monday, July 12, 2010

mental stress

comic #99 out of 100

the mental stress comment came after an argument with my girlfriend, Kelsey. It is common for us to get in petty arguments and say dumb hurtful things to each other. It is even more likely when one of us is stressed out. The comic is trying illustrate how frustrating it can. When emotions get involved, or when stress levels are high things seem so heavy and complicated when they usually are not. I am aware enough to realize it, and even draw it; now I just have to recognize it before it happens and end the whole sticky mess before it starts. in that particular argument I shut up (per Kels' request) and drew this comic instead.

its almost sad to be this close to the end of drawing these comics. although, it has been rough trying to get them done on a consistent basis. it took me just over a year to create 100 comics. Some were decent, some were pretty bad. You can see all of my comics on my comic collection, which is soon going to be on my actual website and not just my blog. It will be nice to have them full size, instead of small so you have to blow up each one you want to read.

If you want to read more about my mental stress and personal life, check out zombie robot frosting posts like A Foggy Mind.

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Anonymous said...

A penny for your thoughts ... on second thought, never mind ... I'd rather go see "Inception"!

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