Wednesday, July 29, 2009

one of my jobs

The first in an ongoing self-portrait project. My web comic begins today. The goal will be to post at least three comics per week (possibly more). The comics are meant to be fast, autobiographical and fun.

I was inspired by the late local artist Eric Lappegard, who I never met but found his collection of webcomics at my local co-op. Also, inspired by Kris Ericson's photo a day blog, and Matt Semke's daily art posting on

As the comic progresses into my personal life, I will be supplying occasional links to topics that arise. The webcomic will cover issues such as minneapolis, uptown, music scenes, art scenes, DIY art projects, web comics, self promotion and much more.

By clicking the William Hessian's webcomic tag below, you can always read the newest contribution.

1 comment:

BomTrown said...

I like it. and I like legos. Well, I uised to like them as a kid. Don't seem to "connect" with them anymore, but they are the building blocks of life, so maybe I should go buy some.

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