Friday, July 16, 2010

Six Arms (painting in progress)

I pulled out a board last night and decided to paint something. I have not done much random painting, or painting just for the fun of it lately. I had the urge so I went for it. The result, as of now, is a six armed guy as you can see. I am really not sure where the painting is going, but I did think it was interesting enough to photograph and post here for you to see.

Getting ready for the move to Maine is a hectic experience. Packing, planning, getting rid of stuff, and trying to find a job thats on the other side of the country. Not so easy to do.

To see more of my paintings check out the Warrior Icon painting, and Google Mind. Find even more at my online gallery. I do also have a good collection of free printable mazes for you to check out.

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