Wednesday, January 16, 2008

George McKim- etsy featured daily

George McKim

A fellow artist blogger. We both sell work on, I sell bearded bunnies and he sells paintings collages and prints(as seen in the example above). His work is extremely bright, expressive and colorful. The playfulness in his work reminds me of Joan Miro, although his colors are more of a Van Gogh pallette. His prints are also especially technically impressive. As a printmaker myself, I can really recommend checking out the details in his work.

His Blog

George McKim also runs an art blog. This art blog is currently doing daily post featuring someone's artwork on This is a neat way to see some of the very impressive artists featured on the underrated website

If you are not aware of etsy, it is basically ebay geared towards arts and crafts. The site is a lot more affordable and market specific. If interested you should see the comparison of the two auction sites at ebay vs etsy.

Make sure to check out Georges' blog and leave him some comments on the fine work he is featuring.

If you enjoyed this blog also see blogs about other great artists like Matt Semke, M.Heisler's SLOBOTS, and trees that draw

1 comment:

George McKim said...

Thanks for the feature, William. I'll do your feature soon, it could take a week or two but I'll do it soon.

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