Monday, November 19, 2007

SLOBOT! Robot Toys by M.Heisler

Artist M.Heisler is a custom robot toy builder. His creations are a mix of modified toys, and custom build and painted parts. I am a huge fan of his creations and have been watching his works evolve. I have been a fan of the Japanese influenced Qee movement, which is basically a series of designer keychains which have evolved into larger sculptures, toys, bots, and artworks.

Slobots for SALE?
According to M. Heisler his creations are for sale (if not already sold). The slobots sell anywhere from 200- 400 dollars a peice and stand at approximately 8-12 inches. He also does commissioned works, which is a very exciting option for those looking for a custom toy robot that they have already dreamt of having. All available bots can be found on his website:

How are they made?
Like most custom toy designers, or bot sculptors M. Heisler also handmakes all of his sculptures using polymer clays, found objects, the bot above even uses working LED lights, and other bits and pieces.

See more of his work:

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