Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Man-At-Arms Art


You are the very first person to know about my special offer. It has not been released publically just yet. To get a free bearded bunny print, go to my art tour 2008 website, and donate any amount of money to help support my art tour and I will send you a free bearded bunny print. You can also send in donation through the mail by check, cash or money order (checks made out to william hessian). While supplies last!

Once you have donated you simply need to make sure you e-mail me at:


and provide this information:

amount donated, when, how:
the bearded bunny you wish to recieve:

Your bearded bunny will promptly be put in the mail to your address.

Your donation will help fund my cross country art tour from Minnesota to California and back. Along the way I will be hiding original miniature paintings in small art cities and painting in public parks. Any help is appreciated!

Masters of the Universe

Man-At-Arms and ORKO are my two first releases of my ten He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series. Battle cat, He-Man and the Sorceress are next to appear. The Eternia bunnies are in special prints not available to the general public, they can only be recieved be donating to the art tour as explained above. Tell your friends.

My ongoing bearded bunnies series is available for sale on Etsy.com. I will be opening my free bearded bunnies offer to everyone by the end of the month. If there are any bunnies you cannot live without, please act fast before they are all gone.

In the meantime please check out my past creations like the Bob Dylan bunny, the Tower of Bunnies, and my Ripple Self Portrait

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