Thursday, December 27, 2007

Huge Skull Tattoo


I never had the stomach to consider becoming a tattoo artist. Needles creep me out, and I have very little interest in inflicting pain as a profession. However, I've always admired those that do. I think its a very valuable and worthwhile artform, and like all art forms there are good and bad tattoos.


In one of my recent ebay sales, a fan named Candy purchased some of my art. I also got to meet her in Jamestown, ND during of my artist in residences. Over the next year she purchased a drawing of a skull with a flower dress on. She asked me if it was alright if she got the drawing tattooed on her body. I've been asked similar things before and most people never go through with the tattoo. I said yes to Candy....and as you can see in the image above....she went through with it.


Barry "Bear" Culbertson out of North DAkota is the talented tattoo artist that took my drawing and applied it to her skin. He did a really impressive job on a very detailed ink drawing. I find the act of reproducing the image with such skill a much larger accomplishment than my drawing. It is very satisfying to see my image done with such high quality.

Test Tube Girl

The very first of my images to appear on someone's skin permanantly was my Test Tube Babies on Barista Heather's calf out of Minneapolis. She was a big fan of my test tube babies and decided to plant the art on her calf. Recently, a large black border has been added to the work, which helps magnify the colors. See more pictures on my collectors page.

Creature Tattoos

I'm still waiting for someone to come forward asking to get tattoos of my creature drawings. A masked hornet, an ocotpus kitty angel or a lym dragon would look damn fine on skin I reckon. See more the creatures here

See also my erotic art interview and a picture of what happens when Body Painting Goes Bad

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