Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Bearded Bunnies

New Holiday Bearded Bunnies

Santa and Reindeer bunnies join the ongoing series of miniature bearded bunny ball artworks. These are the two holiday season bunnies I have created. I plan to finish at least fifty bunnies by January. Once I finish all 50 I hope to create an inexpensive posters for those collectors interested in owning a poster. The bunnies are for sale here. If you ask for the Santa or the Reindeer when ordering you can get these special holiday bunnies.

Collect them All

Anyone that manages to collect a print of each of the bunnies will be rewarded with a great prize. I doubt anyone will be able to get their hands on all 50, but if someone does there will be a grand prize awarded right here on the blog.

See also the last three bearded bunnies and Portrait of Three Girls

1 comment:

Cecelia said...

Enjoyed looking at your work! Your bearded bunnies remind me of the project that I have on my blog, using flower pots. I had intended to use them for my students to make Santas or toy soldiers from at Christmas time. However, we had tests and such things that didn't allow enough time for the project. So, I saved it for the spring semester and some students made Easter Bunnies with their flower pots. Others did cartoon characters, and even candle holders. They turned out to be really cute. This was before I retired a few years ago.

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