Friday, February 21, 2014

Failed Eevee Pokemon: Sketchbook Friday

If you look through all of my sketchbook fridays over 175 posts, you will find what looks to be many failed attempts at designing my own Pokemon characters. I admit it! I love cute litte squishy creatures. I cannot stop drawing them. Sketchbook Friday is where they drop from my mind and into the world for a brief moment before disappearing into the lost sketchbooks of doom. This 4 legged guy seems to has some personality and a case of bad breath, but in the end he is just a wanna-be evolution form of Eevee. Because, everyone wishes they had been evolved from Eevee. I know I do. Don't you? And if by chance, my little drawing was an evolution form of Eevee, he would surely eat Glaceon as a breath mint: Winter fresh.
Just for reference, here is the Eevee evolution chart:

Each Friday at noon I scan in one new sketch or drawing from one of my many sketchbooks. Many times my sketches are ideas for larger projects that you might find on my fine art website William Hessian dot com, or as projects right here on my Bearded Bunny art blog. If you enjoy these sketches make sure to also see my Favorite 20 sketches from 2011 or go back and check out all of the sketchbook friday posts.

1 comment:

Took said...

I just adore your cute squishy chubby creatures -- I hope you never ever stop drawing them!

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