Thursday, November 26, 2015

Painting on Wood: two new paintings

Here are the two works in progress. I have not painted any large works in many months. It feels good to finally get to spend a little time on some bigger projects. Let me know what you think?

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jamestown Buffalo Art Hunt

Jamestown Buffalo Art Hunt is happening now in North Dakota. You can find all the clues to find hidden artwork at Jamestown Art Center blog. Winner get to keep the original miniature paintings by William Hessian and win additional prizes.

The art hunt is a celebration of White Cloud's birthday, one of the only albino buffalo in the world.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Card and Dice Game

PBL ROBOTS card & dice game has just published the full gallery for all of the cards in the base set (the game will is released Summer 2015). You can find a gallery of Crew Members, Action cards, Armor Upgrades, Expert Pilots and Hangars. Some of the popular cards will be getting bios where you can learn about the characters and the back story. You can order PBL ROBOTS on the website.

Learn how to play this card & dice game

Another excellent feature on the website is the extensive Frequently Asked Questions section which covers the questions that many first time players have when playing the game, and other interesting interactions that certain cards have with each other. If you enjoy card drafting games, PBL ROBOTS is perfect for you and the game comes with everything you need for 2-3 players to play over and over.  The website is completely prepared to assist new players getting into the game, and will be adding new questions weekly as players submit them. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wiggly Maze: Free Printable Maze

A difficult maze to be printed for free. Print as many mazes for kids, or adults. A great puzzle for school kids and teachers are welcome to print as many as you would like. You can find more free printable mazes at free printable mazes on Bearded Bunny Blog.

Feel free to leave me comments and let me know how you enjoy my mazes.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

UMVA Portland Chapter starting!

Portland, Maine is starting up a new Union of Visual Artists of Maine (UMVA) Chapter. See the event page here:

A network of artists committed to sharing resources and knowledge to learn, grow and inspire. The meeting is open to the public and will focus on:
Our goal at the meeting will be to:
1. Membership
2. Introduce ourselves and hear what people want UMVA Portland to be and why they are here
3. Planning first art show for April (themes /locations)
4. Planning the first lecture discussion with Robert Shetterly (early Feb)
5. Figure out future meeting times, studio visits, lectures, discussions and growing the group

Perhaps a short screening of Maine Masters Series: Imber's Left Hand (time permitting)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

PBL ROBOTS: 24 left on Kickstarter!

PBL ROBOTS the card and dice game is down to its last 24 hours on Kickstarter!

William Hessian and John "Sighless" Supinski have spent the last two months playing demo nights in every game store in greater Portland area, calling game stores across the country, e-mailing friends and family and posting everything on social media. Their goal was to raise $22,000 to print their brand new card and dice game PBL ROBOTS! This last week they had to turn up the volume on their effort and make a trip with 3 friends to New York City on a mission to play PBL ROBOTS with as many people as possible, in as many places as possible. The mission was a success as the trip generated over 6 thousand dollars in new donations on Kickstarter.

William and John started Hidden Ladder Games in Portland, Maine a year ago after deciding to develop the game and turn it into a real thing. William and John both belong to the Hidden Ladder Collective, a group of artists and musicians in Portland. This artist collective helped develop the game from the ground up, inventing characters, play testing and editing. Other local companies like Walker Film Productions helped create the game play video for the company. R Choice 2 Gaming in Portland, and Weekend Anime in Westbrook has hosted weekly demo events during the last two months and have been extremely supportive.

"The card game itself is a blend of Magic the Gathering, Risk and Settlers of Catan: only with giant Robots!" says William when explaining PBL ROBOTS. Each player own a giant robot and builds cards on top of the robot to upgrade armor and increase the power. Other cards like crew members, hangars and action cards help develop a strategy. The game typically begins with a draft, where each player selects which card will be in their deck and not long after battles begin and the dice start rolling. Blow off all 4 limbs of the opponent robot and you win the game. The game itself is traditionally a 2 player head to head game, but has over 12 different variations, some for younger players and faster games and others for multi-player, tournament modes and puzzle modes. "The game can be played so many diverse ways that it appeals to wide range of people and a wide range of play styles."

Each game has 113 cards and comes with a variety of dice, a rule book and two control panel cheat sheet are also in the game box. This gives you everything you need to learn and play the game. With only 48 Hours left on the Kickstarter the pair of game developers are gearing up to place a giant order of 5 thousand games and will start to ship and sell them as soon as they arrive! You can find their Kickstarter here:

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