Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your Wildest Dreams at Dr. Goodweather's Dreaming Attic

Dr. Goodweather's Dreaming Attic

For three hours in April at Mayo Street Arts you will have the chance to slip into a world of dreams crafted just for you by some of Portland’s most surreal and innovative painters, sculptors, musicians, video artists, and creators. View the brushstrokes, lines, colors, forms, and drips that dreams are made of. Witness the rapid eye movements of living statues. Enter a dream booth where Dr. Goodweather himself will present you with a virtual dream. Peek into a telescope and see a dream occurring outside the window. Expose your ears to a live musical battle between dreams and nightmares. Get lost in the magical haze of a show beyond your wildest dreams.

“This isn’t just an art show, it is a full experience. A collection of dreams brought to life.” --Sleepwalk Gazette

“An awakening event.” --The Nightlight Times

As for my part in the show:

Your WILDEST Dreams
illustration performance
by William Hessian

Whisper your WILDEST dreams to artist William Hessian and he will be doing sketch illustrating of everything he hears during the show. The small cloud illustrations will populate the wall. The artist will spend the entire show under a sheet focused only on the drawings, and listening to your WILDEST dreams.

Come have your WILDEST dream illustrated.

As for the rest of the show:

Painting by Bridget McAlonan

The entire show is going to feature a handful of my favorite artists in Portland which will include incredible works Abbeth Russell(curator), Andrew Abbott (see painting below), Sighless, Kevin Gallagher, Gabriel McGuire and Bridget McAlonan (who is posting about the painting seen above at Inventing Trees
). You can also read an interview with Bridget McAlonan I did last year, that talks a lot about her as an artist. I could write for hours about each of these artists and how incredible there work is, but until I do, this is a show you should not miss! Basically, much like any Hidden Ladder Collective show or anything that Abbeth Russell creates: this will be a party!

Painting by Andrew Abbott

Andrew Abbott is another artist you should try not to miss. If you are intrigued by the painting above, check out his Facebook page to see hundreds of his contemporary paintings.

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