Friday, March 30, 2012

Sketchbook Friday: Erotic Art

Three sketches in a row of mature themed artwork. Next week will most likely follow suit, but then I will shy away from such nudity and erotic themes and stick to much more children friendly submissions. It just happens that this sketchbook has been filled with some drawing for larger paintings for adult themed shows. It has been enjoyable trying to come out some new imagery for these paintings. This particular sketch is probably one of my most bizarre and no doubt one of my favorites.

Each Friday at noon I scan in one new sketch or drawing from one of my many sketchbooks. Many times my sketches are ideas for larger projects that you might find on my fine art website William Hessian dot com, or as projects right here on my Bearded Bunny art blog. If you enjoy these sketches make sure to also see my Favorite 20 sketches from 2011 or go back and check out all of the sketchbook friday posts.

If you want to own some of my work, you can always find great deals on my artwork and stickers at my Etsy shop. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog and never miss another post.

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