Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green and Pink Tiger Drawings

If you like these drawings, you should run over to my etsy art shop and buy them (only 5 dollars each). These drawings are the first of the batch of things I am listing for incredibly cheap prices because I am moving to Maine. I need to scrap together some extra cash for the move, and I need to have less things to move. Especially larger drawings like these tigers.

I drew the tigers during a drawing class. I used markers and oil pastels. The paper is very fragile and thin and not at all archival. They are basically big colored sketches, however they look nice together on the wall and could be framed or simply nicely taped to a wall.

Friends, family and my blog readers are going to get to see some great deals on my art in the next 10 days as I put some art for sale right before we load up the uhaul truck heading to maine. In case, you also missed the finale of my 100 comic series you should make sure and see the last few web comics.

1 comment:

Took said...

I'm definitely keeping an eye on your Etsy shop! (Hoping for some of my favorites of yours -- "chubby creatures".)

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