Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving to Maine

It is official, Kelsey and myself will be moving to Unity, Maine starting in August of this year (we currently live in Jamestown, North Dakota but normally live in Minneapolis). Kelsey has been accepted into Unity College and is going to pursue her studies in environmental science. I, myself, plan to find an art teaching job or an art related job and experience being an artist on the East Coast.

here's what the three day trip looks like

During this time in Unity, I am going to write about all the avenues I am exploring to find a job in Maine; waterfall arts, unity college, the telling room, the island institute ect. I plan to perform a miniature art hunt in Unity and the surrounding cities and teach classes and create new work.

This move is quite an adventure for Kelsey, myself and the three cats (lily, sherlock and frasier) and Nugs the turtle. We plan to take any extra time and money we have to travel the East coast and really soak in that side of the country. We already are dreaming of trips to New York, Canada, and outward from there. Although money will be tight and Kelsey has a schedule that is beyond full already.

I will miss my friends and family a great deal during the move. I already miss softball and basketball with my friends. I miss playing games with my family. I miss doing art shows and art battles as well. However, this move is going to be an exciting leap into unknown territory. I am excited to use the new surroundings as a catalyst to inspire new works; paintings, poetry, videos, photos, drawings. Of course, this blog is where the result of such works will appear.

This is not the first time we have set off for new and crazy adventures. Two summers ago I convinced Kelsey to come with me on a one month art tour. We drove from Minnesota to Portland, Oregon and then down the coast and back through Salt Lake City. During the trip we completed 6 miniature art hunts, and dozens of paint in the park events. That trip looked like this:

Needless to say, we are not afraid of adventures. Moving to Maine is going to be an exciting chapter of our lives. Luckily, in this internet age, I will still be facebooking, blogging, and emailing as if nothing has changed.


Unknown said...

I lived on the East coast for some time. It's beautiful. Enjoy, I'll follow you on the www!

Anonymous said...

It should be quite a trip ... have a fantastic time and keep us informed!

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