Friday, July 30, 2010

Non-functional Ceramic Piece inspired by Kathy Butterly

I created this little ceramic piece during a functional/non-functional ceramics class I taught in Jamestown, North Dakota. The idea was to use clay to form objects that serve no functional purpose, and then objects that serve a definite purpose. The small glazed piece I am showing here was one of my samples for non-functional. The inspiration came directly from my job as a gallery monitor at the Walker Art Center for the Dirt on Delight Show.

A number of ceramic artists grabbed my attention during this show (i spent 60+ hours in that room) but Kathy Butterly's works captivated me the most. I will talk about some of my other favorites in future blogs, as the lasting impression that ceramics show had on me continues in my work (next blog will reference Peter Voulkous). Her small petite works were filled with textures, whimsy, colors and detail. I felt like I was staring into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and my mind would spin trying to understand how she could create such diverse textures with a ceramic piece (it had to be multiple firings, but wow, the precise details were impeccable). Here is a sample of Butterly's work:

When I wanted to create a work void of function, I aspired to create such small delicate details like Butterly. I knew my glazing skills were 100 times insufficient to accomplish anything in the realm of her work, but I wanted to at least try to get some of the same minute details. In the end, the little piece was a labor of love and garners many, "what is that?" which serves the non-functional purpose well.

Like many of my small ceramic pieces, this ceramic work is being sold on my etsy shop. If you are reading this after it has been sold make sure to browse my shop for other neat items that are for sale. Meanwhile, here are two more pictures of the little ceramic piece:

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Anonymous said...

I like this piece and it's interesting to hear the story behind it!

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