Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My work at Downtown Pizza Luce

If you have been following my blog lately you have seen me start a few new jobs (working at the walker art center and teaching legos), small drawing comissions, working on new bearded bunnies and creating art that predicts the future. You can read about all these things in my last few blog posts.

During this time Caleb Majerus sent me an e-mail about putting some work up at the Downtown Minneapolis Pizza Luce location. Caleb is also an artist, and student, who currently does the curating for Pizza Luce restaurants in Minneapolis. I saw his plaster human deer head sculpture, and it was quite amazing. Along with some very impressive paintings he had done.

I was quick to accept the offer to display work, since have lots of work piled up in my cousins house, my parents house and my own apartment just waiting for a wall to hang on. I grabbed my Politics of Plants triptych, a few of my ICON paintings, three abstract faces and a variety of other works.

We hung the show in 45 minutes, in a rush, before the place opened. I then sat down with Kelsey for some pizza, only to forget about feeding the meter and getting a nice 48 dollar parking ticket. The Minneapolis parking police are seriously on top of things, which sucks.

Meanwhile, here is the pictures from the installation of my works. All of which are for sale. Please stop by the Pizza Luce location to see the works in person if you get a chance. If you are interested in buying any of these paintings, let me know.

the politics of plants

warrios and abstract faces


You can a lot more of my work on my art website www.williamhessian.com 


Alicia Billings said...

Great work! I like the giant mantis.

feltchbeltcher said...

are there any test tube babies? it's still my most loved tattoo. miss ya billy!

Lily Young Art said...

Congrats! Wonderful art!

Lily Young Art said...

Congrats! Wonderful art!

The Cuke said...

Sweet the shit :D I love the Piranha plant, of course.

Anonymous said...

thanks agian the show was great

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