Monday, November 10, 2008

Art must create the future

After 26 years of developing my craft as an artist, and learning about this world, I have decided that art must create the future. In the past, art had to develop through a competition with nature to create reality which ended with the invention of photography, shortly after art became a race to break the rules: to break down what art is and redefine what art can be; and art had always and still remains to be a personal expression of the artist. Given the modern world, art must now lead the way and literally create the solutions to the world's problems.

Art that creates the future can and will save the world. Art must influence science, art may need to become science itself. Artists must not simply be reacting to problems on a visual or emotional scale but must have practical and realistic implications. Art must literally create the future. A lot of my attention as an artist will be focused from now on, on the idea of the advancement of the human race and the betterment of our society. It needs not be political, but needs to address some of the issues that are under the political umbrella.

In the next few weeks I will be publishing a series of crude, but important, sketches dealing with renewable energy, free energy, solar cells, pay structures and other relevant subjects. My goal is to raise awareness of art as the solution to problems, or at least act as gateway to spark conversations that need to be taking place.

I feel that more artists' need to get on this concept. Not just visual artists, but writers, musicians, filmmakers and poets as well. I am inspired by works by contemporary artist Matthew Richie, Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok (i strongly suggest you google their names). I will also be researching and revealing other artists and artworks that are predicting and creating the future with their art. I have been inspired, by Google Presentations on youtube and the TED conference, which features lectures by a variety of people on a variety of subjects that effect the world. Science and art must be interlinked in order for the betterment of the human race, I came about this concept based on the TV series Connection by James Burke, which changed the way I interact and respond to the world around me.

I am looking to find other people who are looking to the artists to shape the future, and looking to find artists who are trying to accomplish this same goal with their own artwork. Please leave a comment with links to anything you think pertains to this topic, because I would love to see it, as would most readers of my art blog. Stay tuned to my blog to see works by me, and works by other great artists for our future.


Aleks said...

That's a very interesting idea, and I think it's been the intent of most of the good science fiction to either advocate or warn against a possible future for humanity.

I think your title would be stronger if you used the word "create," as you do later on, instead of "predict." They're really antonyms, aren't they?

William Hessian said...

create vs predict

im glad you have made this comment as i have struggled with which to use. on all my notes, conversations and writings about this idea, I use both 'create' and 'predict' together. I have a hard time deciding which is best, or most applicable. You might be right

Aleks said...

Predict seems to me to indicate passivity. The art tells what will happen. It sounds like knowing what's coming but having no role in making it happen. I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of what you're aiming for.

Aleks said...

Put another way, predicting seems like seeing the train approach from far off, and creating seems like laying the tracks.

William Hessian said...

i agree with enough to make some changes.

Ray said...

I totaly agree. From the start, I've thought these intentions were the goal of creativity, thus Art.
I'm with ya, up until the trans humanists try to cyborg you!

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