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Minneapolis Art Hunt Press Release

8/18/2008 Press Release (as released on

Minneapolis Miniature Art Hunt
Star Tribune

Date: Friday, October 17th 2008 at 2pm
Time: sunrise to sundown each following day until all works are found
Location: Public Parks of Minneapolis

The Hunt

William Hessian, a Minneapolis artist, is challenging his favorite city in the world to find his artwork! The announcement to bring his art hunt to Minneapolis comes only two weeks after completing six art hunts across the united states in part of his summer long Art as Treasure art tour. Art hunts were completed in Salt Lake City, Utah; Costa Mesa, California and Portland, Oregon to name a few. The art hunts bring people to the parks, and art to the people.

On October Friday, October 17th, the challenge for Minnesotans will be to find one of 35 two- inch by two- inch miniature artworks hidden in public parks in Minneapolis. Each artwork is an original hand drawn and painted Octopus by William Hessian. Thirty-five artworks could be hidden in any and all public parks in Minneapolis adding to the challenge of the hunt.

Why an Octopus? And Why Thirty Five?

William Hessian explains that 35 hidden artworks is a tribute to the victims of the 35w bridge falling down, and the bridge being reopened. William lives in Minneapolis and was greatly effected by the collapse of the bridge. The October Octopus was chosen to represent Minneapolis because, "when an Octopus loses an arm in a conflict, its arm grows back bigger and stronger than before. Minneapolis is like the Octopus in that way: when a bridge falls down, it is going to be back bigger and better than before," Hessian said. The hunt appropriately takes place near the unveiling date of Minneapolis' new 35W bridge.

Finding the Art

The tiny treasures are really small, I mean really really small. Measuring only 2 inches by 2 inches, the artworks are not much bigger than a common quarter and will be easily overlooked by many unknowing park goers. However the artwork is hidden in plain site and a series of visual photo clues will be published on William's website ( William said, “At 2:00pm on Friday 17th, 2008 ten very obscure photographs will be updated on the website. The photographs will feature the artwork in their hidden locations.” In past hunts the hard clues do not offer much help only giving a slight hints at what the artwork might be attached to: a brick wall maybe, bark of a tree, or concrete of a building. The initial clues are meant to be vague, however, the following days will release more revealing clues until all 35 Minneapolis octopi are found. The winners keep the art and win an additional small prize to be announced. William stresses that the goal is to provide artwork for those who want it most, as opposed to only those who can afford it. While the art hunt is open to the public, many winners of his previous nine hunts have been children, families and geocachers. William often enjoys those people who do not necessarily take the typical form of a treasure hunters.

Funding and Sponsorship

The support of donations and business sponsorships are crucial in making the art hunt a success. The first important element is getting the publicity from the local news media Star Tribune. The Salt Lake Tribune ( and Portland's KATU ( are two good examples of past news articles written about William's art hunts this summer. Local businesses, galleries, and organizations are instrumental in helping to support the hunt by providing small $15-25 gift certificates and be listed as a supporter on the website. Postcards will also be mailed around town, to help promote the hunt and attract sponsorships. Individuals are invited to help support the hunts by making small donations or purchasing other artwork like Bearded Bunnies created by William Hessian.

Art in the Park

On Sunday night October 19th from 2pm-7pm William will take a break from updating the art hunt website and spend five hours creating art in the park with any and all aspiring artists (the park is yet to be determined). William will provide paper, and supplies to anyone who would like to stop by and meet and draw with the artist. Winners of the hunt will also be able to claim their prizes during the paint in the park. Another location, gallery or hot spot will be determined for other winners to claim prizes during the rest of the week.

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