Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Horrible Banner Vs Good Banner

horrible banner:

good banner:

Have you ever simply created something really really horrible? I just did. I was trying to make a cool banner for my Etsy shop. I was trying to combine multiple images together in order to show off a number of different drawings and projects I have completed and the dreaded result was the top banner.

I shook my head in shame, and went for the second (must easier) option and made a banner out of my bearded bunnies. The result, in my opinion, is far more appealing. The nice thing about creating such an ungly image, is that is it fun to blog about. This is a perfect oppertunity to make fun of me for creating such an eye stabbing image. Art mistakes sometimes are fun to see, especially when they are really bad. Bad images are even more potent when juxtaposed with a good one, thus the concept of this post.

Feel free to visit my Etsy shop and see my good banner in place. I have been meaning to create this thing for months now, and finally found a few minutes to actually do it. If you also have an etsy page, feel free to leave a comment and post it. I'd be glad to check it out, we can even compare banners if you are up for it.

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