Sunday, August 17, 2008

Art to Heart 2008

On NOVEMBER 7th I will be auctioning off 20 of my bearded bunnies (by William Hessian) at the 'Art to Heart 08' Duke Children's Hospital charity started by Emily and Hanna Christian.

The bearded bunnies have been auctioned off before, in an auction to raise money for schools in Wisconsin. The bunnies have also appeared in many art galleries and coffee shops across the midwest, including all over the country in Art o Mat machines.

Hanna (pictured above) was diagnosed with the heart condition Wolffe-Parkinson-White Syndrome. After surgery, thanks to the hospital, Hanna is now a survivor of this syndrome. Art to Heart, started by Hanna and her sister Emily, plans to give back to the hospital. The charity event is set to be held at The Balcony on the Dock in their hometown of Wilmington, N.C. Visit their site for more information: or contact

I feel it is our duty is to support things we believe in. As a starving artist, I do not have much monetary funds to provide, but donating my artwork is one way for to help. Make a difference by donating money or services to good causes like Art to Heart or another charity today.

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Anonymous said...

What avery nice cause to support!

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