Friday, May 30, 2008

First Two Clues

The first of six miniature artwork hunts has begun! These are two of the daily visual clues for the St. Louis Park, Minnesota miniature artwork hunt. See more clues and pictures daily at my website:

A new clue appears each day, until all 10 artworks have been found. You can also find out where the other 5 miniature artworks hunt are and when. See if there is an art hunt coming to town near you.

Axe Chop

Meanwhile, if you are from Minnesota, you should also come by and see me at the Red Hot Arts Festival. Matt Semke and myself will be competing in an art battle, where the loser watched his artwork get chopped up by an axe in front of the crowd. Hope to see you there!

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Also see how "I created Boba Fett"

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