Monday, November 19, 2007

weird monsters (.com)

Weird Monsters (.com)
Justin, a music producer is the owner and creators of weird monsters. The blog features artist submitted monsters, featured on his blog and linked to the artist's website. Artist Kevin McLaughlin created the weird monster seen above, and is among a number of interesting artist who have submitted to this blog. The site has been around since June 2007 and updates with a new monster 2-3 times a week.

Submit Your Weird Monster
If you are an artist, or have a good idea for a crazy weird monster to submit I suggest heading over to weird monsters and submit. It looks like all suitable submissions will eventually make the blog.

My Monster
I am currently sketching out a few ideas for my very own weird monster which I will be submitting to the blog upon completion. Once I have created my monster I will surely update the results of my monster.

Weird Monsters

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