Monday, November 19, 2007

WWII: Airbrushing Project (WIP)

Work in Progress
This project is the middle point of my current airbrushing project. The theme is WWII and features F-14 and the Japanese Zero planes. Up to this point the art has been created with pearline white, over a dark purple basecoat. Details were added with a micron black pen.

The Next Step
Once this step is complete a dark purple candy will coat the entire area and add depth to the work. The idea is to give the effect of a night scene. Over the curves of the mock car different parts of the planes will be visable depending on which way you turn the plastic car shape. Then explosions will be added down below in orange and yellow candies for emphasis.

Part of something much larger
Like many projects I do, this is a sample to test out ideas. The end result of this project will be translated over to the body of a Harley motorcycle which will have an overall WWII theme.

Billy and the Old Man Design
If you are unfamiliar with me and the reason I am doing an airbrushing project like this: I have started an airbrushing company with Pat Reese in Minneapolis, Minnesota called Billy and the Old Man Design. We custom paint motorcycles, goalie helmets, bodypainting, and just about anything else you can think of. We also do fine art, hold art shows, offer airbrushing classes, and sell Xotic paint and airbrushes. Check out the link for our website and gallery.

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