Monday, November 19, 2007

Bearded Bunny Balls: FOR SALE

Choose Your Own
New addition to my bearded bunny project. A choose your own Bearded Bunny Digital Prints for Sale. This is phase two of my online sale of my bearded bunnies. This week will feature my ebay portion.

Etsy Vs Ebay
1 bunny was sold on, making the current race as follows:
Ebay: -2.25 cents (listing fee)
Etsy: 11.40 cents (12.00 - 0.60 listing fee)

Current Ebay Listing Fees
3.75 X 2 = $7.50
Since I am listing multiples this time around the fees are much more substantial. However, the gallery fee and image fee was reduced due to a special promotion. I need to sell two bunnies to make back the listing fee. Although, I will have the option to relist for a reduced price, once my seven days are up.

Tell Yours Friends
Help spread the word about the bearded bunnies for sale. That would be much appreciated. Even just let them know about my etsy vs ebay competition and have them stop by to see the progress.

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