Friday, July 4, 2014

Logan's Run Vs The Running Man: Sketchbook Friday

This is a collaborative drawing done with artist Kenny Hodgkins. We drew this image in the community room together while discussing science fiction films like Logan's Run and The Running Man. I was particularly interested in discussing Stephen King's science fiction persona, as the author of Running Man and the similarities/ difference between the book and the movie. Logan's Run story line was also discussed, where a world existed where you were only allowed to live 30 years and then you were hunted down. Personally, I think both movies have a great story line, both came from great books, and both explore a future that is quite grim but seemingly possible. Especially as we look at our own world in 2014, I can see so many scary similarities between the Running Man scenario where the media lies to the public in order to create a good story and innocent heroes are thrust into a deadly game show for the sheeple population to cheer and bet on. I can also see a one world government scenerio where overpopulation is solved by eliminating anyone over the age of 30 and even doing it a nation apart with unmanned drones. Science fiction quickly becomes reality...we are the authors of our own future. What page do we turn?

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