Friday, April 18, 2014

Alien Scubadiver: Sketchbook Friday

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, aliens gave birth to human's in a futuristic test tube, then shot us like sperm out into space. We landed a few floating land masses and began as simple carbon based organisms to evolve and grow. Every 5200 years our alien mommas and poppas come checking on the kids. They shoot themselves into the ocean (see also: mayan mythology) and come crawling out to teach us new skills and ideas and teach us lessons and cultivate our progress (see also: Jesus Christ). Angels are spaceships. The voice of God is loudspeakers turned up to max volume and the center of the Earth....well, that my friends: is a secret.

Each Friday at noon I scan in one new sketch or drawing from one of my many sketchbooks. Many times my sketches are ideas for larger projects that you might find on my fine art website William Hessian dot com, or as projects right here on my Bearded Bunny art blog. If you enjoy these sketches make sure to also see all of the sketchbook friday posts.

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