Tuesday, May 21, 2013

William Hessian at the Richard Boyd Art Gallery

Earlier this year I got an invite from artist Kenny Cole to submit some work into a satirical art show on an island here in Maine. I had never been to Peak's Island much less the Richard Boyd Art Gallery. However, I loved the concept of the show and a few months later I standing at the art exhibit Off the Wall: Satire in Contemporary American Art looking at my art on the wall.

After a really great art opening and a few excellent conversations with Pamela Williamson and Richard Boyd it was clear that this gallery in Peak's Island was doing some very impressive things. Richard Boyd Art Gallery was hosting some unique art shows, featuring a diversity of artists, and doing it in a very high end and marketable way. I was impressed with both the business side and the artistic side of what they were doing in this tiny building on this little island (an island you need to ferry to in order to get to it). Pamela was impressed with my miniatures and invited me to take part in another upcoming show and next thing you know I am hunched over a table creating a series of miniature bird art for the next show. 

With this submission of miniature art, I was invited to be represented as an ongoing artist showing my miniatures on the back wall. I am excited to have a chance to have an constant place to display and sell my miniature paintings. I also wanted to feature a few of the new works here: 

Miniature "white eared humming bird" art by William Hessian. The painting is less than 2 inches wide. Below are some of the rest of the miniatures I am displaying at the gallery. Check out the Richard Boyd Art Gallery if you want to inquire about purchasing one of my miniatures. On the website you can read my artist statement, and my biography. Or come visit the island itself and take a beautiful ferry ride, I can guarantee its worth it.

 Great Gray Owl, less than 2 inches wide, ink and watercolor on paper
Sharp Tailed Sparrow, less than 2 inches wide, ink and watercolor on paper
Rose Breasted Grosbeak, less than 2 inches wide, ink and watercolor on paper

Also make sure to check out the Richard Boyd Art Gallery Facebook Page and keep up to date with all the monthly art shows and featured artists. Also make sure to see William Hessian's website for more miniatures.

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