Saturday, May 18, 2013

ART BALL: Throwing Paint at Artists

Myles Bullen and Megan Gates team up with myself, William Hessian to perform ART BALL in Kennebunk, Maine with River Tree Arts. The object of art ball is to dip squishy balls in paint and throw giant paint balls at artists dressed in all white. From the photo above you can tell that some of the little artists in Kennebunk have some good aim. By the end of the event we were covered head to toe in multi-colored paint! 

 Here you can see Meg and Myles at the beginning of the day. Our goal as the Art Ballers was to entice the crowds walking by to throw paint at us as we tried to dodge the balls; allowing the paint to splatter on the wall behind us. Our goal was to get the wall painted, while the throwers were trying to get US painted. It was a fun day of dodging, ducking, jumping, and ultimately getting smacked by soaked balls of paint.

As you can see, even a fairy princess got into the action. When the day ended we had paint in our noses, in our ears and we were so soaked that the paint soaked through our clothes and stained our skin in some spots. It was great!

Art Ball was something I created a few years when brainstorming ideas for events. This was the first time I have had a chance to actually perform it, and luckily I had two awesome friends with me. The fair goers in Kennebunk were a great bunch of enthusiastic participants and we had a great time making a huge mess! I was also meeting a lot of kids who were interested in the Star Wars Art Class and the Super Heroes Art Class that I am teaching this summer. Plus, it was a gorgeous day.

Here is a peak of my favorite splatters on the wall!

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