Friday, August 10, 2012

Sketchbook Friday: O Might Monsters

Oh what a battle those creatures are waging. 
You freakish aliens using us like pawns to rape the land. 
But we like it, we enjoy it.  
You monsters are just playing a game with us. Pitting us against each other. Drooling on us. Farting on us. We stink of your stink. We will pretend to enjoy your games. 
Love us almighty monsters. 
We love how your hairy knuckles tickle our fancy heads as your slimy claws wiggle into our hearts. Let us live on your back and build a city in your boils. 
Hand us metal tanks, and show us airplanes in the sky. 
Let us dance on your scars and wounds, it will be a choreographed dance like worker ants in a marching line. Doing your bidding with every hip thrust and fist pump. Your stink is our scent. 
Play with us, make us great. 
Make us great O' Might Monsters.

Each Friday at noon I scan in one new sketch or drawing from one of my many sketchbooks. Many times my sketches are ideas for larger projects that you might find on my fine art website William Hessian dot com, or as projects right here on my Bearded Bunny art blog. If you enjoy these sketches make sure to also see my Favorite 20 sketches from 2011 or go back and check out all of the sketchbook friday posts.

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Anonymous said...

Crazy idea ... nice drawing!

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