Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miniature Buffalo Art for the hidden art project

Check out this year's crop of miniature buffalo to be hidden among the public parks of Jamestown, North Dakota. You may have seen this photo in the Jamestown Sun newspaper today. The goal is for the public to see use photo clues, that will appear right here, to determine the location of each artwork. Then, go find them.

This hunt starts tomorrow (Friday, May 18th)

Winners who find the art get to keep the art and receive an additional prize. You can learn more about the Jamestown Art Hunt at the Jamestown Art Hunt webpage. On this webpage you will also get to see which art has been found, a photo gallery of people on the hunt, and additional information about rules and claiming your prize.

You can learn about the Art as Treasure Art Hunt project and find out all about the places that have had art hunts, and how the projects builds community and a personal relationship with art on a level that is different then visiting a museum or gallery.

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