Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cuttlefish Art

This is the first time I have ever drawn a cuttlefish. The animal itself is actually something I have not seen many photos of. I have always heard of cuttlefish but apparently did not know anything about them. They are awesome creatures and really fun to draw.

I made a pair of these for Jennifer, commissioned by my long time online friend Merlin Reynolds. They both live in Eugene, Oregon. I had planned to visit them during my art tour in 2004 but did have enough time. It was a real shame.

Drawn on commission as a birthday gift. Nothing better than a pair of cuttlefish on your birthday.


lauryn cary said...

i still can't decide which one i like more. they are both great for different reasons and seem to be a perfect pair.

Unknown said...

The needled on list then goes out of the way to allow the press to level the paper with the needled on type.

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