Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Panda Dragon, Theodore Treehouse and Ladder Portal (week 3)

Panda Dragons are the best kind of dragons. If he accidentally crashes to the ground, he will no doubt suffer a bambooboo.

Here are my drawings from the third week for Art Clash's Fun A Day. The project is to complete one finished drawing each day, during the month of January. You can view the entire collection as it grows to 31 drawings. The collection of drawings will then be mounted and put on display in February. You can also contact me to buy any drawing pre-show for $30, the drawing will then hang in February and be sent to you afterwards.

This drawing is based on Minnesotan artist Judy Onofrio. The story behind my awareness of Onofrio's work is that my grandma Helen attended an art talk by Judy Onofrio. My Grandma had spoken to the artist, and she invited us to visit her gallery. In Maine, I looked up her work and was inspired to draw one of her sculptures.

Abstract Monsters
Figure Drawing session.

Theodore Treehouse is a local band here in Portland, Maine. I have been lucky enough to be turned in their direction and attend a few of their live shows. I was inspired after seeing their show, when I went home I was inspired to draw this treehouse. I now wish I lived here.

The Ladder Portal self portrait was inspired by Matt Semke's drawing, "Oh sure climb right in there's plently of room". Semke's drawing are always conceptually and visually inspiring and this was one of my recent favorites. I check his website everyday.


The Punk Patriot said...


Anonymous said...

Love this set of paintings!

Andrew said...

The treehouse illustration is fantastic! (And if you are a fan of the band, I guess it would be double fan tastic.)

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