Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun A Day: Week 2

crying wicked cat

Bring on the flirty gas masks, the crying wicked cat, the space vet, the sad snowman, and other various drawings.

Here are my drawings from the second week for Art Clash's Fun A Day. You can view the entire collection as it grows to 31 drawings. The collection of drawings will then be mounted and put on display in February. You can also contact me to buy any drawing pre-show for $30, the drawing will then hang in February and be sent to you afterwards.

pac manson
you wish.
futuristic space vet

Another end of the blog bonus content. I've been getting a lot of people asking me why I am so far behind with the drawings. The thing is, I'm not. I am actually all caught up with only 4 drawings left to go. I am simply behind with the less fun, and less important task of photographing, editing and uploading the collection. I could talk in length about what each drawing meant to me, on each particular day. The task of giving that much info each day would actually probably put me behind schedule. If there is a certain drawing from any day you want to know more about I would be happy to tell you. Just leave a comment and I will most likely take your comment and write a brand new blog using your comment, my answer and the image itself in a fun little in-depth look into my drawing.


Vincent said...

Thanks for sharing these. I'm loving it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Hard to pick a favorite!

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