Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun A Day: The Art Show

The big party, gallery showing, for the Fun A Day participants was a blast. Live music, food, and a lot of great projects to look at. Before I get to the show itself, here are the final three works for Day 29, 30, and 31. You can see all 31 drawings and read about my project on my original Fun A Day announcement. Keep scrolling down to see photos of the Fun A Day show itself!

On February 11th at the Apohadian Theatre nearly twenty artist showed off a series of work that was created once a day for 31 days. Two bands blasted some music and we all drank wine and enjoyed the company. I want to thank all of those who were in charge of putting on the show. I really only personally know that Molly took my submissions and did a lot to put the show together, but I think there were many more. So thanks to Molly and the others.

Here are the photos:

Apohadian Theatre and the view from the stage. You can see many of the installments on the make shift wall to the left, on the piano, and in the middle.
Here is what my work looked like all together. All 31 drawings hanging together for the first and last time. For those interesting in buying one of the drawings please contact me. A few have already been purchased.
Michael Higgins had a great idea....a haircut a day. Not much else to say.

Another view of the space and the set up. A good collection.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a blast ... been waiting for the last three paintings ... impressive group!

Minneapolis Apartments said...

WOW, this is sooo impressive! Love the second to the top one. Do you sell prints? I would be so interested in purchasing one.

Anonymous said...

Is Mr. Higgins now bald?

William Hessian said...

I am pretty sure, although not certain, that Mr. Higgins is standing in the center of the last two photos. You can see that his hair is quite short. Although, i kinda wish i could have seen what he looked like in December.

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