Friday, February 11, 2011

Collaboration with Monica Cooper

collaboration by Monica Cooper and William Hessian

Since moving to Portland, Maine I have joined Peace Action Maine's Youth Network. I have been to a few rallies, attended a few protests and gone to a handful of meetings to organize events. I will be talking more about my peace actions on my other blog, zomibe robot frosting. The reason I bring up Peace Action Maine is that through this group I have met some really great people. It is not surprising that people who are also interested in joining the group have some similar interests as my own, but what I did not expect was to meet artists' this way. In fact, a large percentage of the youth network is made up of artists, either visual, dance or musical.

During our 'Stand with Egypt' last weekend, I got to bang on mailboxes with Wells and Monica Cooper. Turns out, Monica, who I met the night before during our 'History of Activism in Portland' event, is also an artist. After the protest we decided to collaborate on a watercolor painting, and the result is above. Nothing better than spending a day protesting for peace, and then painting.

If you enjoyed this painting, make sure to explore my other artist collaborations. If you are interested in collaborating contact me. I enjoy doing collaborations through the mail, as well as in-person.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ... blown away ... a really cool Painting!

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