Friday, November 12, 2010

Maine Draw-A-Thon #2

Yesterday, I spent my day inside Space Gallery drawing images pertaining to how we should spend the war dollars, instead of spending them on the war. This draw-a-thon was an incredible event from start to finish. It was very fitting that the event took place on Veterans Day and that there was a parade outside while the draw-a-thon was just beginning.

The event was connected to the installation and artwork by Kenny Cole. I was fortunate to get to speak with Kenny a lot during the day and I love what he is doing as an artist. His work is also incredible. Check out Kenny Cole's website. A big thanks for him for allowing the draw-a-thon to piggyback on his art show at Space gallery.

Amazing art was pouring out from all over the gallery as people streamed in and out to see what was going on. Local Sprouts provided a great lunch, including vegan options, and an extremely good butternut squash soup. Veterans were encouraged to stop by and have their portraits drawn, and many took advantage. I met some veterans, and got to speak to them about how they would spend the war money. They had some very good answers; housing, people, health to name a few.

Time flew by during the event, and when it was all over the wall of art started taking shape into a really impressive collection of works. The overflow art, since there were piles and piles of completed works, were taken to another location to be hung.

I personally want to thank Kenny Cole, Space Gallery, Local Sprouts, Code Pink, Pat Taub, Natasha Mayers, all Veterans, and everyone who participated in the event.

check out just a few of the great works:

You can find hundreds of photos and scanned in images of all the artwork created on this momentous day at the Maine Draw a Thon photostream.


Anonymous said...

1- the older man with the beard on the left that is in black and white!?

Teresa :)

jess said...

2- the older man with the beard that teresa said, and the hugging bunny/bear animals

Jessie B.

William Hessian said...

teresa and jessica- incorrect.

anyone else have a guess?

Kris said...

This looks like a lot of fun.

My gut reaction is 2 pieces. The Pink egg looking thing up top and the guy with the purple on his head.

Anonymous said...

Guy with the flag sticking out of his mouth is one of yours. J

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