Sunday, November 14, 2010

So many wicked cats

Last Friday, I spent a glorious day with a new friend Barbara. Both of us, in our own ways are gravitating towards Portland, so we figured we would team up and go explore the town of Portland, Maine. This trip, which I will write about in a future blog, inspired me to get my butt to work. Since that trip, I have spent 5 or 6 nights painting with great vigor. Those who are friends with me on facebook have seen the load of new paintings appear.

I will be uploading these works onto the blog in bunches. In addition to the excitement of doing new work, I also ramped my focus up a notch by doing all of these works on webcam at Stickam. I use the web cam to interact with friends, artists and random onlookers. It also provides me with extra incentive to keep plugging away. I tend to be easily distracted when creating art these days, but turning on the web cam makes me keep my focus and get things done.

The series I am showing first are called the Wicked Cats. Mostly done with ink and watercolor, although a few have some acrylic in them as well. The works are all 24 X 18' in size, and created on drawing paper. Many of these will need to be ironed flat in the future.

Many more uploads on the way, as well as a recap of my events in Portland First Friday Art Walk, the Portland Museum, Spindleworks, and the Maine Draw A Thon.

see more new pictures from this paint-a-thon session


Took said...

I love how these cats are dangerous looking, yet adorable...just like real cats. Especially the last one.

Anonymous said...

I really like these new cat paintings ... more than a little bitty much!

William Hessian said...

Took, glad to hear you like the last one. That one was a real challenge for me. Just had a hard time liking it for the longest time.

Thanks Jay! Sorry I missed your call tonight.

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