Saturday, October 16, 2010

Art O Mat Bunny Batch

Here is a sample of my new batch of bearded bunnies for Art O Mat. If you are not familiar with Art O Mat, you should head on over to their website. I am one of a community of artists around the world who create cigarette package size artworks (including drawings, scultpures, mixed media, jewelry, prints, paintings) that can be purchased in refurbished cigarette vending machines. These machines are located all around the country. For $5 you can pick an art series/artist and get an original work of art. Just like that.

Keep in mind the images here are slightly larger than the actual bunny.

The bunnies on display in this blog are part of the fifty newest bunnies I created to be put into those art o mat art machines. I just picked a few of my favorites to feature here as a sample of my newest batch that will be sent out in a few days. I send them to Art O Mat then they split them up and send them all over the country.

Those of you who have been following my art, more specifically my bunnies, will notice that some of these bunnies are replicas of earlier bunnies. The process of creating this particular batch (which changes each batch) was a series of watercolor, markers and colored pencils. A few have some added details in micron pen or metallic gold.

I run prints of my favorite bunnies and make a limited print run of 10 or 15. These prints are framed and sold for $15 on my etsy art shop. I am always offering special deals on my etsy shop, so make sure to stop by and see what I am selling. If you see a bunny here that you want a print of, that may not be available yet on my etsy shop, please feel free to ask me. I make special arrangements and prints for those interested in collecting a certain bunny or set. Also, a few of the original versions of certain bunnies can be purchased for $50, which are currently by request only. Contact me if interested.

I also never reveal the entire batch, there are many secret or mystery bunnies that have never seen the internet. Some of those bunnies can only be found by visiting your favorite art-o-mat machine. I do also create bunnies on request. Some of my best bunny ideas have come from request from art collectors looking for a bunny that resembles a certain favorite pop culture icon, movie star, fictional character. Those are always fun to do.

Speaking of commissions, I have also finished the six star wars bearded bunnies, fully colored and ready to be printed. Those limited prints (limited and hand signed to 10) will be on sale only available on my etsy art shop. I will be posting the pictures of the new star wars bearded bunnies soon, the characters include: stormtrooper, darth vader, lando calrissian, princess leia slave outfit, and chewbacca.

If you would like to learn more about Art-O-Mat, or the bearded bunny series I have been dispensing (kerplunking) around the world, please check out all the posts about Art-O-Mat and my submissions.

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Took said...

Ooooooh-YAY!!! I will be contacting Carol for an order of your new bunnies!!!

I am very excited for this new series. I really like the watercolors and markers and colored pencils!

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