Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Star wars bunny sketches

For those who have been following and collecting by Bearded Bunnies series you already know I have created a Boba Fett and Jango Fett bunny. I am now adding some new Star Wars themed bunnies to the collection. I have over 80 different bunnies in the collection so far, and I just need to finish a few more to accomplish 100 bearded bunnies. I have sold over 500 bunny prints/originals since I started creating them in 2007. I create hand altered versions for art o mat vending machines (sold 300 bunny that way) and have sold them out of many art galleries in the midwest, and of course on my etsy art site.

The direct reason I am creating these particular bunnies is revealed in a comic strip I made a while ago. You can see it here:

Next step is to get them colored, rescanned, printed and added to the poster of available bunnies.


Anonymous said...

All right! Put me down for some Star War bunnies ... and may the force be with you! Jay

Kris said...

The Leia and Chewie ones are hilarious. Love 'em.

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