Friday, July 9, 2010


comic #98 out of 100
Ax-Man surplus stores is one of my favorite stores ever. They sell an odd assortment of objects for really inexpensive prices. You never know what you will find at an Ax-Man store. It is one of the few stores I have the urge to go to, even if I do not need something. Also, its the first place I go to look for something I need.

I do realize that reading this comic with zero knowledge of this store my seem very confusing. That is why I am giving a history of it here. Although, part of me wonders if the comic is funnier the less you know about the store.

The morkit I refer to is from a video I made a few years ago, where I invited groups of friends to my apartment to search for the morkit. The group that found the morkit first won artwork. To find the morkit the group has to decifer a series of clues that led them to open up vents, unscrew pens, go outside and dig under a tree and rip open a teddy bear. It was a blast.

Only two comics left!


Anonymous said...

These 100 webcomics went by awfully fast! From another fan of the Ax-man!

Kris said...

This is great. I never knew you used Ax-man for so many things.

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