Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cute but deadly

comic #95 of 100

see some real photos of Frasier the kitten. The cute has razor blade claws and a fearless slashing ability; all while being about as cute as any creature can be. The result, lots and lots of bloody gashes. The comic above is pretty accurate for both Kelsey and myself. Cats are worth it, even if it means you have scars all over your body.

the next few days will feature the final 5 comics. enjoy.


Took said...

don't let kittens fool you...they know exactly what they're doing!

very cute.

Susan said...

I know exactly how that is--my hands are covered in scratches and gashes from my new kitty. He seems to think my hands are more exciting to maul than any cat toy. Good thing he is also incredibly cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww ... how anything so cute ... be so deadly?

William Hessian said...

i just love cats and kittens. the scratches dont bother me all that much, however this little guy has those breathtaking claws. when he claws you, whether you are ready or not, it literally steals your breath and your body jolts into shock.

its terrifying!

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