Friday, July 2, 2010

Miniature 4th of July art

I have done a dozen miniature art hunts, hiding miniature original art for people to find. This 4th of July will be my first private art hunt for Bonnie Tressler's party. I have met her and her family through the Jamestown Art Center. She has been an extremely great person to get to know, and who has supported my work both as an artist and a teacher, she is also a great artist herself (she also works small scale). She proposed for me to create 10 4th of July themed artworks to be hidden in her yard. You can see the ten works above, keep in mind they are 1 inch by 1.5 inches small.

I have already hidden the art, and will be printing off the visual photo clues for everyone to open on the fourth. I have design my art hunts to work as large scale events and also for smaller businesses or individuals; this is my first chance to see how a smaller group (around 30) will react to the miniature art hunt. It's like Easter and 4th of July mixed together.

Here's what they look like after being weather proofed and shiny:

I head out to north Minnesota to camp for the weekend. I am excited to return and hear how the art hunt goes in my absence. Return to my blog next week for an interview with ceramic artist Bill Nybo, a review of my time spent with Artist to Artist, two new small figures, and the last few comics.

1 comment:

Alicia Billings said...

They are really great! You are such a talent.

Best wishes to you both and the kitties for your move and all that entails.

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