Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why is art important to you?

(3-D Class from left to right: Jordan, Dylan, Mason, Nadia, Andrew, Ben, Isaac, Jamee, Abby, Ligia, Madi, James. in the back: Mr. Billy)

At the end of the three week 3-Dimensional Drawing class, I had an awesome class by the way, I asked my class of students to answer this question:

Why is Art important to you?

Here is what they said verbatim (you can match the student with the above picture):

art is inportnat because there wouldn't be painting's drawing's and I wouldn't be me without art. Without art I wouldn't be happy all the time without art.
Nadia, Age 9

its easy to use my creativity
Isaac, Age 11

I think it is a fun why to learn art! and I jest love all the classes. Thay are fun. I like Mr. Billy are shud I say... Mr. Bunny!
Rhiannon (not pictured above), Age 9

It is fun to make new things
Mason, Age 9

So you can learn stuf
Dylan, Age 9

arrt is inportat 2 me becuz i cin expres miself annd it givs mee uh sens uv prid. Al my freinds luk upp 2 mee cuz thay think im gud. +, peeple get uh chanse 2 seee throo mi i's. it alsoe givs mee uh excuze 2 not doo mi homwrk. hi Jari!
p.s. al the wrds r speled rite innheer inn mi unaverse!

Ligia, Age 11

Art is important to me because, I LOVE ART!!!!

Well... cause it just is. And it's for when math is at school.
Madi, Age 11

art means to me because it is somthing I can do when I am bored
Ben, Age 8

These kids crack me up. I would love to know, "why art is important to you?" Leave me a comment and let me know. Art for kids. Kids for art. I am loving teaching art to the great kids of Jamestown.


Kara said...

Art is important to me because I can unleash all my thoughts and emotions, and just let it all explode onto canvas, which is a healthy way to deal with your troubles!

Anonymous said...

I need art to live.
If I don't even so much as doodle in an 24 hour cycle my right hand starts to twitch.
Its one of the few things that keeps me grounded on planet earth and reminds me I'm really living this life.

naturegirl said...

Art is a portal through which all is possible. In art, I can do no wrong. I am in the moment. I am, I do; that's enough.

Jonas said...

Art is important to me because, I LOVE ART!!!!

William Hessian said...

Jonas is another unpictured member of the class. Great to have your answer!

Thanks also to Naturegirl, StapleGenius and Kara for their answers. All three of your answers I completely agree with myself.

Whittier said...

Art connects me to people throughout time and space. Others from other times and places communicate to me, and I communicate to the present and the future.

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